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Get a Home Loan in Davis County, Utah

Davis County is the third most populous county in Utah and has a population that has increased by almost 70,000 people in 10 years. The growing population has lead to a housing boom in the county as more homes are constructed each year to accommodate newcomers.

Whether you are a newcomer to Davis County or someone who has lived in the area for years, you can buy your ideal home with a mortgage that is designed to fit your unique home purchasing needs. Let us tell you more about the current most popular home loan products and guide you to a Davis County mortgage that will fit within your income and credit boundaries today.

Home Loan Services

As Utah natives ourselves, we understand the Davis County housing market better than national lenders. We design our home loan products to serve the needs of buyers in the state as well as those in Davis County. When you choose us as your mortgage lender, you get years worth of home lending experience that will direct you toward a Davis County home loan that you can afford. We excel at working with clients of all financial and credit means who want to buy a new home for them and their families. Before you dismiss the idea of ever being approved for a new home loan, give us a chance to tell you about the affordable and innovative home loan products we offer to Davis County residents like you. We match the rates of most major lenders and make it easy to apply for a mortgage online, in person, or over the phone. We are ready to help you pursue the best finance options for you when you get in contact with us today.

Popular Home Loan Products

We offer an array of home loans that are designed to fit within your budget and credit limits. Call us or go online today to learn about financing underwritten by mortgage programs like:

  • USDA rural development
  • FHA
  • Jumbo
  • Conforming
  • Non-conforming
  • VA

We can match you with the right loan program based on criteria like your current household income, down payment, credit rating, and veteran status. We offer financing that is easy to apply for and gives you the highest chances of being approved for a mortgage.

You are welcome to visit us in person to start an application for any of these home financing products today. If you prefer, you can start the application online or give us a call to begin the process. We are here at your convenience when you are ready to buy a new Davis County home for you and your family.

Davis County is the third most populated county in Utah and continues to experience a growing population. You can take advantage of the opportunity to buy a new home in the county by learning more about your mortgage options. Contact us now to apply for a home loan that will put you in the Davis County home of your dreams.


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Available Programs
Closing costs can be financed

Conforming Loans
Purchase to 99%. Gift funds OK
Refinance to 95%

Purchase to 96.5%
Refinance to 97.5%
Gift funds acceptable

V.A. Loans
100 % Cash out  O.K.

No mortgage insurance

U.S.D.A. Loans
100 % financing
Available outside metropolitan area

0%-5% Down

Ask us for details