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 CONFORMING LOANS  Standard fixed mortgages with up to 30 year payments 

1% DOWN PAYMENT LOAN Equity boost

FHA LOANS Federal Housing Mortgages 

militaryYou served, you deserve the best -VA benefit

USDA LOANS 100% financing outside of the metropolitan areas

JUMBO LOANS Loans over $424,000.00



Rates, terms and programs subject to change without notice.


General Inquiries
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Available Programs
Closing costs can be financed

Conforming Loans
Purchase or refinance to 95%. Gift funds OK

Purchase to 96.5%
Gift funds acceptable

V.A. Loans
100 % Cash out  O.K.

No mortgage insurance

U.S.D.A. Loans
100 % financing
Available outside metropolitan area

0%-5% Down
Ask us for details